Before & After Reveals

Modern dining room with urban design

Urban Bungalow Dining Room

We put some spunk into a tiny dining room in a Midtown Atlanta bungalow. Color, pattern, and textures mix treasured family pieces and modern additions in this Urban Dining Room. 

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glitzy kitchen design1

Glitzy Kitchen Design That Sparkles

Create a Kitchen That Sparkles with glitzy kitchen design that offer high style and glamorous details! We gut a small kitchen and create a stunning space ready for a party! 

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antique dining room 9

“Golden Glamour” Antique Dining Room

Blend family antiques and new treasures the right way! It's easy to create an Antique Dining Room with Golden Glamour that's full of soft warmth, quiet beauty, & approachable elegance.

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navy coral bedroom

Navy & Coral Bedroom For A Teen Girl

A fun and bold color combo make this Teen's Navy & Coral Bedroom a place she can love for years to come! Plus when company comes to visit it works perfectly as a guest bedroom. Get all the great design details here!

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tall entryway design

Decorating a Tall Entryway to New Heights

Decorating a tall entryway? Tall spaces need great design tricks to draw the eye up and make every lofty inch count! Here's our Design Tips for bringing your Entryway to New Heights!

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small master bedroom design 6

Design Tricks For A Small Master Bedroom

Small spaces can have BIG design! Beautiful deep blues, silvery grays, mirror and metallics are the key to making this small master bedroom sophisticated.

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modern craftsman dining room 9

Modern Craftsman Dining Room

Take a look at how we put fun, modern yet retro, flair with color and pattern into this craftsman bungalow in the heart of Atlanta's Midtown.

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quick dining room makeover

Quick Dining Room Makeover Made Easy!

See how we tackled a quick dining room makeover in a flash with just a few key changes! Make a dramatic design difference in a day! 

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great room makeover 1

Great Room Makeover

Check out all the details for our HUGE transformation in this stunning great room. Spa blue, grey and stone set the stage for all the design details.

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modern teen bedroom 2

Modern Teen Bedroom

Refresh your teen's bedroom to last! Add modern touches in fresh colors with pops of fun! Sophisticated and modern, its sure to last until college!

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colorful family playroom 1

Colorful Playroom For The Whole Family

Who says a playroom is only for the kids? Even adults can enjoy this fun and functional colorful family playroom!

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welcoming living room design 1

Wonderfully Welcoming Living Room

Sometimes a living room just needs a breath of new life to become a totally welcoming family room. Check out this classy and stylish redesign.

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