Bourbon & Whiskey Cocktail Ideas

Bourbon Champagne Cocktail-11

Bourbon & Bubbles: A Bourbon Champagne Cocktail

Celebrate Valentine's Day by making a romantic Bourbon & Bubbles Cocktail he'll love with Four Roses Bourbon!

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fall whiskey cocktail

Trick or Treat… A Halloween Cocktail with Cathead Distillery

Make Trick or Treating with the kids way more fun with an amazing Halloween cocktail! We team up with Cathead Distillery to share The Voodoo Spell... scared yet?

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Dark Horse Gin & Orange Cocktail

Cocktail Friday: The Best Cocktail Sites

In the mood for something new in your cup? We are too! After a long week, we want to try something new and exciting! Here are a few of our favorite websites to find inspiration!

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rye whiskey martini 3

Cocktail Friday: The Hummingbird, A Rye Whiskey Martini

Every good southerner loves whiskey! Today’s Cocktail Friday libation is a slightly sweet and beautifully curious rye whiskey martini you’ll want to linger over called The Hummingbird

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Recipe for Southern Comfort Slush Cocktail

Cocktail Friday: Southern Comfort Slush

Need the perfect porch drink? Our Southern Comfort Slush blends grapefruit, lemonade and OJ for a sweet and tangy treat that can't be beat!

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green tea cocktail 4

Green Tea Cocktail: The Afternoon Tea

Tea Time meets Happy Hour! Our "Afternoon Tea" Green Tea Cocktail blends Green Tea, Bourbon, Amaretto and Champagne. Who's got the scones?

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orange crush cocktail

Orange Crush Cocktail Is Perfect For Entertaining

Video Post! Fresh orange crushed into a glass & paired with Crown Royal Black and ginger ale for any easy orange crush cocktail that everyone will love!

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eggnog with bourbon

Spiked Eggnog With Bourbon

Get the out the bourbon! Our Bourbon Spiked Eggnog is oh so Christmas-y and the perfect dessert cocktail for the holidays.

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grapefruit bourbon cocktail 2

Afternoon Stroll, A Grapefruit Bourbon Cocktail

A good cocktail is one you want to sip and linger over... kind of like an "Afternoon Stroll". Time to take a minute, enjoy the end of your week and have a grapefruit bourbon cocktail! I actually know a girl who can hook you up with the perfect libation.... Wink Wink.

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Cocktail Friday: Fall Festival

A beautifully fall-inspired cocktail featuring bourbon and tons of classic autumn flavors. Good luck not falling for this one!

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Memory Lane: A Whiskey, Honey, and Lemon Cocktail

This classic style blend of whiskey, bitters, honey shrub and fresh lemon juice is sure to leave you feeling old-fashioned. Take a step down Memory Lane!

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southern bourbon cocktail 2

Southern Bourbon Cocktail: Stockings Hanging On The Line

Try Stockings Hanging on the Line, the perfect southern bourbon cocktail for those of us who just aren't quite ready for summer to end.

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