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Hey babe, welcome to Sumptuous Living!

A lifestyle blog dedicated to Being A Bad-Ass and Not Losing Your Mind in the process! Life should be easy and fun and full of flavor, personality, color, and bourbon! I’ll show you how, if you bother just a little bit, your food, home, cocktail scene and travel adventures can easily blow your mind and those of everyone you love…or just really want to impress!

I’m Mandy Landefeld, Lifestyle Expert who tackles Interior Design, Cooking & Cocktail Appearances, and Travel Guides. I’m a tall chick with a big personality and an even bigger belief that nothing is impossible. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

I live in Atlanta, GA with my hubby Jeff (of 20 years, I might add) and our 3 kiddos. My oldest son, a sophomore in high school, has an amazing restaurant blog aimed at getting kids to venture off the kid’s menu and be more adventurous! Check it out here.


I’ve been designing and decorating for clients for the last 12 years and love every part of the process! From full gut jobs to sweet kid’s bedrooms and every design challenge in between, I truly believe that your home should be a true reflection of you! Your personality, your style, your passions can all come into play at home with the right tips and tricks, no matter what your budget may be. I have an incredible team that helps me design houses throughout Atlanta and the Southeast and virtually with clients anywhere. But here on the blog, we’ll share with you easy ways to do it yourself! For more on working with me on your design project, click here.


Maybe I should have worded that in reverse? Because baby, I Love Cocktails! An incredible, well crafted cocktail is not as hard as you think and can make any party you host instantly memorable. Start a meal with a cocktail but bring it home with food that will make you moan! “Loosey Goosey” is how I roll and making it fun and damn tasty, sharing the recipes along with videos for exactly how to do it all. Plus a recipe index for insanely flavorful but simple dishes to serve at any time of day from Breakfast to Holiday Dishes and those super vital Easy Weeknight Dinners, we have all the recipes you need.


My new life goal and obsession! From our family tradition of hijacking one kid to go on a super secret, “you don’t know where you’re going till you get to the airport” trip with just one parent when the turn 10 to family vacays or killer girl’s trip… I’m game for big things here. We’ll share where to eat and what to do with every city or country we visit. Another place where a little bit of prep and bother can make all the difference in the end.

So join in the Sumptuous Living ease! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat (where we share behind the scenes footage of all the love that goes into this crazy blog), Twitter and Youtube for videos on how to do it all! Feel free to reach out with questions in the comments section on our posts or through our contact page and I’ll answer your questions as quick as I can!


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