sumptuous living emblemMEET THE SUMPTUOUS LIVING TEAM

It takes a village and I love ours! You’ve met Mandy, So now say hello to the wonderful people that help make Sumptuous Living so great…

Sumptuous Living Team Renee

RENEE SEARCY | Culinary Assistant & Food Stylist

The heart of our kitchen here at Sumptuous Living! Renee helps Mandy create, prep and style all of the recipes we share. She also travels with Mandy for cooking and mixology appearances, helping behind the scenes to make every detail perfect! In her private chef company, Crazy Cooking Lady, Renee offers Ready to Eat Meals and Meal Kits made specially for her clients in their home along with custom cooking lessons to get you eating healthy year round.

Sumptuous Living Design AssistantLISA BUTLER | Lead Design Assistant/Shop Manager

Mandy’s right hand for Interior Design! With so many details to manage on our client roster, having a great eye and keen organization skills are an absolute MUST! Lisa is all that and more… She is our SHOP Manager (check out our great collections here), drafts our design boards for clients, hunts and gathers for design installations and manages our project timelines. She’s a Quick, Savvy, Creative Chick who always has a smile on her face! We love her!