Living Space Ideas

how to hang curtains 1

How to Hang Curtains Like A Pro

Custom curtains can be a huge budget buster! We're sharing our top tips for using ready made curtain panels in your next design project to get a custom look! Here's our Top Design Tips...

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pinterest tips for design

Using Pinterest To Find Your Design Style

Use the world's biggest source for inspiration to not only find your design style but tweak it into something uniquely you! We're sharing our Top Pinterest Tips.

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easter basket floral arrangement 8

Easter Basket Floral Arrangement

Decorate for Easter with our guide to making an Egg-ceptional Easter Basket Floral Arrangement!

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throw pillows 8

Pillow Talk: Having Fun with Throw Pillows

Let's get down to Pillow Talk! We share our newest finds for fabulous Throw Pillows that are fun to add to any room!

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living room makeover 2

Revive Your Home With A Living Room Makeover!

We brought life back into this Living Room! With all the details you need, this design post will help you tackle a Living Room Makeover so everyone in the family can enjoy it!

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DIY artwork 19

Do It Yourself: Statement DIY Artwork!

Ever had a wall so Big you couldn't find a piece of art worthy of hanging? Here's how to make your own Statement Art Piece!

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great room makeover 1

Great Room Makeover

Check out all the details for our HUGE transformation in this stunning great room. Spa blue, grey and stone set the stage for all the design details.

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Foyer Fun

I don’t do houses that look alike. NOPE. My house doesn’t look anything like even one of my clients’ housesĀ and none of them look like…

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colorful family playroom 1

Colorful Playroom For The Whole Family

Who says a playroom is only for the kids? Even adults can enjoy this fun and functional colorful family playroom!

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welcoming living room design 1

Wonderfully Welcoming Living Room

Sometimes a living room just needs a breath of new life to become a totally welcoming family room. Check out this classy and stylish redesign.

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Home Office with Modern Historical Twist

Check out the before and after reveal and our tips to blend a love of the old and the design style of today in a modern historical home office.

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beach playroom ideas 10

Beach Plaroom Ideas For Your Kids Lounge

This fun and welcoming kids lounge is an escape for the whole family. A great design project that will give you great beach playroom ideas.

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