Easter Basket Floral Arrangement

Decorate for Easter with our guide to making an Egg-ceptional Easter Basket Floral Arrangement!

Easter Basket Floral Arrangement 1

Though you don’t need a ton of Easter decorations, it’s nice to have a few cherished pieces that brighten up the house. I love this Easter Basket that doubles as a Floral Arrangement. My client had an old, oversized basket she wanted to use to make a silk floral arrangement she could pull out each year to place on her entryway table. Any time I do arrangements like that, I love to incorporate objects like statues, nests, and grapevine butterflies to nestle in the mix. Go to your local garden center, craft store like Michaels (Click here for a 20% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE COUPON), or floral shop. TJMaxx & HomeGoods will also have tons of fun items you can work into your arrangement for great low prices!

Supply List:

  1. Old electric skillet for pan-melt glue (I get mine at the thrift store since I’ll never cook in it) or heavy duty glue gun
  2. Pan-melt glue cubes (available at the craft store or thru the link below) or glue sticks if using hot glue gun
  3. Heavy Duty Wire Snips (the bigger, the better! These will save your hands!)
  4. Floral Foam (NOT OASIS. That’s for fresh flowers)
  5. Sheet Moss
  6. Big Vintage Basket with a Handle (Check Thrift Stores, Garage Sales, Your Attic/Basement)
  7. U Pins (these hold the moss to the foam)
  8. Knife to cut the foam (I just use one from my knife block)
  9. Pick Machine & Picks (If you make your own arrangements often, get one of these)
  10. Work Surface
  11. Silk Flowers (Tulips, Delphinium, Zinia, Greenery)
  12. Easter Statues & Garden Accents (Bunnies, Eggs, Birds, Ducks, Butterflies, Chicks, etc)

{STEP 1}

Gatther your materials. Find fun statues, pretty silk flowers (I love the flowers at Hobby Lobby and they are always on sale for 1/2 off), nests, and garden accents. Buy more than you need so you can be free to be creative. Then return what you don’t use.

{STEP 2}

Prep the basket. Fill with dry foam (either the brick or the sheet will work). Cut to size (score the foam with a knife then snap off) and either glue in or use floral adhesive putty to secure to the basket. Cover with moss, leaving open spots for your statues. Pin moss to foam with U-Pins.

{STEP 3}

Glue in the staues and garden accents. Make sure to balance one side with the other but don’t make too symmetrical. Floral arrangements work best with the RULE OF THREE. Meaning, use odd numbers of items instead of even. The end result works best visually when using odd numbers.

{STEP 4}

Fill in with flowers. Fluff leaves and stems to make the silk flowers look their best before inserting. Bunch flower types together in clusters for a more classic look. Insert a pick with pick machine or, if not using one, snip the ends of the floral stems on an angle and lightly dip in glue before inserting into foam. Check every angle to make sure you don’t have any holes in your arrangement. If the arrangement will be seen all the way around, make sure the back is just as pretty as the front.

 Easter Basket Floral Arrangement 13

 Easter Basket Floral Arrangement 13

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