big girl bedroom 2

Room to Grow…Up! We Give A Little Girl A Big Girl Bedroom

Why not jump straight from the toddler bedroom to a sophisticated Big Girl Bedroom that can easily double as a guest room? See how we give a 4 year old sweetheart a Room to Grow... Up!

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fall cocktail with beer

Cocktail Friday: Spiced Ginger Rum Shandy

Our Spiced Ginger Rum Shandy is the perfect Fall Cocktail with apple cider, a homemade spiced ginger simple syrup, rum and beer. 

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casual dining room

Casual Dining Room For The Everyday

Wouldn't a Formal Dining Room be more enjoyable if it was designed for everyday use? Check out how to make the most rarely used room in your house an everyday essential and one you "Want" to spend time in!

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asheville brewery tour

Travel Tuesday: Brewery Tour at Asheville’s Wicked Weed Funkatorium

Looking for a unique brewery tour in the country's Best Beer City? Asheville's Wicked Weed Funkatorium brews are barrel aged distinctively delicious!

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Vera cruz tilapia

Vera Cruz Style Tilapia

Get this easy and flavorful recipe for Vera Cruz Style Tilapia (or any fish you fancy) baked with olives, capers, tomatoes, jalapenos & lime. Reinvent your love for fish and make everyone say "Wow" at dinner tonight! 

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watermelon prosecco cocktail 6

Sip & Savor! Watermelon Prosecco Cocktail

It's Cocktail Time! Sharing a Watermelon Prosecco Cocktail that is oh so pretty and perfectly sippable for any occasion.

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cuban spiced salmon recipe

Cuban Spiced Salmon with Tropical Salsa

Spice up your week night routine with our Cuban Spiced Salmon with Tropical Salsa recipe. Flaky salmon baked in parchment paper in just minutes topped with a bright and fruity salsa. Quick, healthy & delicious!

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entryway fall decor 2

Fall Decorating Inspiration

We share our favorite ideas for Fall Decorating Inspiration to put you in the mood for Autumn! Do something different this year and make your home ready for the season.

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vancouver bike tour 2

See The Sights: Vancouver Bike Tour

See the sites of Vancouver in the best way! Join us on a Vancouver Bike Tour with Cycle City Tours and soak up all this city has to offer! 

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easy weeknight meals

Easy Weeknight Meals

Get dinner on the table quick without giving up flavor! Our list of Easy Weeknight Meals will keep the whole family smiling, including you! 

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cobbler recipe with blueberry

Nectarine & Blueberry Cobbler with Sugar Cookie Crust

Here's a quick cobbler you can get in the oven in minutes and let it bubble away while you eat dinner! Nectarine & Blueberry Cobbler with Sugar Cookie Crust has sweet fruit and spices piled under a store bought sugar cookie crust (huge time saver) that will become your favorite weeknight dessert.

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how to hang curtains 1

How to Hang Curtains Like A Pro

Custom curtains can be a huge budget buster! We're sharing our top tips for using ready made curtain panels in your next design project to get a custom look! Here's our Top Design Tips...

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Welcome to the Sumptuous Living Lifestyle Blog! (Picture us with our hands squeezing the air like we're sizing up something sinfully delicious!) We're going to be best friends! Lifestyle Expert, Mandy Landefeld will share just how to be a Bad-Ass and not lose your mind in the process. Let go of needing it all to be perfect or a big fuss. Life should be easy! Amazingly fun and full of flavor, personality, color, and bourbon!
This isn't just a lifestyle blog, it’s a party with your girlfriends. Friends who lift you up, tell you don’t sweat the small stuff, praise you for not planning ahead, give you inside tips and tricks and fix you a drink when you need one. Who cares what everyone else is doing or how they do it?
Sumptuous Living isn’t about being fancy or perfect, it’s about confidence and rocking every part of your day. This lifestyle blog will empower you to HAVE IT ALL! And no matter what the chaos of your day may bring, you’re still smiling… eating incredible food, drinking delicious cocktails, designing a gorgeous home, and making every trip the trip of a lifetime, even the local stuff. And never break a sweat while you get it all done!