3 Easy Ways Busy Moms Can Treat Themselves

Busy moms, this one's for you! Treat yourself to some of Mandy's favorite healthy recipes that are perfect for on-the-go moms in need of some healthy yumminess.

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Treat Yourself Busy Moms

Mom time is sacred – it’s how you continue to make things happen for you and your family while your kids are going in six different directions and you just want a little peace and quiet with some delicious food. Lifestyle expert Mandy Landefeld shares delicious yet healthy ways busy moms can treat themselves with Christine Pullara of Atlanta & Co.

So here’s the juicy details…

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Say yes to avocado toast, made with two key ingredients and completed with delicious toppings of your choosing or what you have on hand. A fried egg on avocado toast with a drizzle of Sriracha always makes me feel happy no matter how crazy my day is! I could eat it for breakfast lunch or dinner… with a gorgeous glass of wine of course. Treat Yourself Busy Moms! You deserve it!

Dessert Time!

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Mom’s deserve dessert too! Even when you still want to eat healthy. Try our Fruit Salad with Amaretto Yogurt. This extremely simple belly-filler won’t break your diet, either. Made with Nonfat Greek Yogurt, fresh fruit, candied walnuts and just a splash of Amaretto for some boozy sweetness, you’ll always want to have a container full of this yummy treat in your fridge.

Busy Mom Happy Hour

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Those magazines won’t read themselves lady. Send the kids out to jump on the trampoline or ride their scooters with friends, make yourself a cocktail and take 15 minutes for your own little Happy Hour!  Our mouthwatering Blackberry Mojito is the fresh & lightly boozy pick-me-up that you deserve. After schlepping kids to sports, wearing way too many hats at work, or that vomit laundry that’s every mother’s dream…. Treat Yourself Busy Moms! You Deserve This!