Easy Game Day Recipes with Mandy on Atlanta & Co

Football Season Is Here! Watch Mandy Landefeld share her favorite Easy Game Day Recipes on Atlanta & Co with Christine Pullara

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Recipe for Southern Comfort Slush

Easy Game Day Recipes

Football, friends and great food! Whether you love to watch the game or are just in it for hanging with friends with a great drink and a juicy burger, Lifestyle Expert Mandy Landefeld heads to NBC’s Atlanta & Company shares easy game day recipes with Christine Pullara. Football’s best friend is a juicy burger but Mandy loves these easy  Chipotle Chicken Sliders  even more than your everyday burger and they are packed with flavor and easy to eat! Included in our Top 10 Game Day Recipes post is Mandy’s famously simple Fire Roasted Salsa. Chips best friend! So good you’ll want to make it all the time not just when the game is on.
And don’t forget the booze! Easy game day recipes don’t just stop at food! What would be a video with Mandy Landefeld without a killer cocktail. But when you’re looking for easy game day recipes you need something you can make in advance and ensure it will be a hit! We made fun and festive Southern Comfort Slush that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.