Raising the BAR! The Essential Bar Tray

Whether for everyday use, impromptu parties or special occasions, a bar tray is a great way to customize happy hour to any use!

bar tray 1 bar tray 2

Show me a picture of a bar and I can tell you how that person likes to entertain and unwind! Whether you’re someone who prefers a liquor cabinet or a counter top set-up or a little bit of both (hello…that would be me!), how you set up your bar speaks a lot about you. A Bar Tray is a perfect way to have a mini-bar on a buffet, counter, desk (or any surface really!). In the living room, the library, the patio…endless possibilities!


bar tray 3

bar tray 4

bar tray 6

A bar tray provides a way to contain the bottles and glasses into a defined space that limits how big it can be. Plus, bar trays easily transfer to where the party may have shifted to. And if you are a liquor cabinet kind of person (who likes to keep the fun behind closed doors…) then a bar tray allows you to control the liquor out for use during a get together.

Even more fun is to have all the fixings for a signature drink or two for the night. And you can tailor the bar tray to suit your guests… a scotch and bourbon tray or a his/hers martini tray. Anything goes! I even keep a tray of an open bottle of red wine along with a few glasses and an always changing bowl of nuts or snacks on our dining room buffet for easy self-serving on a weeknight as the husband comes home or family or friend stops by.

I can’t at all understand why we go through more bottles than we used to…hmmm, its a mystery!