Cooking Ease: Lazy Susan Organization

Keep cooking easy and organized by having your everyday items handy on a Lazy Susan. Plus great ideas for organizing tableside condiments too.

Lazy Susan organization 1

Cooking Essentials Lazy Susan

I have a yearn for things within reach. A kitchen functions well when you can get to the things you use most often with ease. Oils, vinegars, favorite spices, salt and pepper need to be free! Unleashed from the shackles of the cabinet! Picture your pepper grinder with a Jersey accent yelling from behind the cabinet door…”Hey Lady, I’m Suffocating Ovah Here!”.

Getting meals on the table is chore enough gathering and prepping all the ingredients for your dish without having to pull out and put back the mainstays of every dish. This is where the Lazy Susan Organization comes in. A Lazy Susan is a circular round (of wood, stone, metal, etc.) set on a rotating axis so that it can turn like a wheel and allow you to access any side of it easily. You can find them in all sizes and styles, making it easy to match the decor of your kitchen. (Click on the Blue links to shop the story)

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Adding a vase full of fresh flowers to your Lazy Susan Organization will bring a brightness to a place you look at every day. You can even change it out with seasonal foliage or decor. Keep it near the cooktop so that it is quick reach while cooking and fill it with the things you use most. here’s the list of what is on mine, but you can customize it to how you work in the kitchen.



Small mason jar full of measuring spoons: so that I can measure ingredients when I’m writing new recipes

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a bottle with a pouring spout, for finishing or salad dressings

Light Olive Oil in a bottle with a pouring spout, for cooking and sauteing

Vegetable Oil in a bottle with a pouring spout, for cooking

Big glass or wooden bowl of Kosher Salt

Pepper grinder

Shaker full of Creole Seasoning

Grinder of Sea Salt

 Vase of Fresh Flowers

Lazy Susan organization 8

Kitchen Table Lazy Susan

My kitchen table even has one. I have said it before…”I do not run a Democratic Kitchen!”. But once I serve my meals, my family can feel free to adorn their dish with any hot sauce or condiment of their choice. Want Sriracha Chili Sauce or Tabasco on your scrambled eggs? Go ahead. Want a grind of smoky spices on your chili? Be my guest. Want a sprinkle of orange peel herb seasoning on your salad? By all means! Go nuts! Even the 4 year old loves to spin the “Wheel of Flavor” and add some zest to his plate.

We also keep the napkin holder and a caddy of fun dinner conversation cards on the tabletop Lazy Susan. You’d crack up at the chit-chat we get into. Very entertaining!

Lazy Susan organization 9

Lazy Susan organization 10

So here’s my list of the kitchen table goodies (but again fill it with things that will interest your family and maybe up the flavor ante and get them into trying new things):

Sriracha Chili Sauce

3 different flavors of  hot sauces

Assortment of spice blends (some salt-free)

Napkin Holder full of plain white paper napkins

Mini Salt & Pepper grinder

Family Meal Conversation Cards in a glass caddy (I used a sugar packet caddy)

Give your world a spin and shake things up at the table… Lazy Susans are sure to get your favorite flavors within reach and make meal prep that much easier.

Shop here for a Lazy Susan to suit every style & budget…

SNUDDA Lazy Susan IKEA Turning function in base makes it easier to serve from.

 15″ Birch Wood Lazy Susan

French Kitchen Marble Lazy Susan

White Marble Lazy Susan

Slate Lazy Susan 

Blacksmith Lazy Susan

  • Tonya

    Hi was perusing your site and wondered where I might this lazy Susan.

    • Tonya, The lazy Susan is from IKEA. I’ll put a link to it in the post for you.