Back To School: Handmade Floral Arrangements For Teachers

Make an impression with a personal gift! Handmade floral arrangements for teachers are a great way to start the year or show your appreciation in an easy personalized way!

handmade floral arrangements for teachers

It was teacher appreciation week this week and Tuesday was the inevitable “flower” day. Instead of sending in a single everyday grocery store stem to the teacher, we (mainly my 8 year old little diva daughter) decided to make handmade floral arrangements for teachers. A sweet little silk flower tussie. A tussie is a mini flower arrangement small enough to be held in little hands and that add just a pop of color to a teachers desk without taking up too much space! We used leftover remnant silk floral stems (or grab a few on sale at the hobby store) and a small vase we had laying around (or you could easily pick up a sweet small vase at the dollar store).

handmade floral arrangements for teachers 2

handmade floral arrangements for teachers 3


Using dry/dessert floral foam (different from the oasis type used wet in fresh floral arrangement), cut the foam with a simple kitchen knife to size to fit in the container.



Cut down your floral stems so that the top of the larger flowers rest just at the top of the container. Long skinny ones can be left longer for height. Insert stems into foam. No need for moss, the foam won’t show.


Done! 15 minutes=A Very Happy Teacher!

handmade floral arrangements for teachers 9