Sips & Nibbles! Enjoying Exotic Cocktails at Asheville’s MG Road

Happy Hour gets exotic with beautiful drinks and tasty bites at one of our favorite Asheville's bar spots, MG Road

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We’re back! The skies have opened and angels are singing… My broken wrist (I fell down the stairs while goosing my 8 year old’s adorable hiney) is FREE of it’s cast and, with hard physical therapy, I’m able to write and share all that I’ve had bottled up this summer. Hope you’re ready for stunning room makeovers, sinful cocktails, crazy good recipes, and a whole lot of travel fun with trips to Asheville, Beaufort, Vancouver, Seattle and Alaska!

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Our first stop is Asheville, NC. I love this town. LOVE. I fell in love with it a few years ago during a food blog conference and enjoy weekend getaways each summer while taking my big kids to summer camp. Asheville is bohemian, food smart, adventurous, and farm forward. There is so much to do here and first on my list is a delicious and creative cocktail at MG Road.

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MG Road has a cocktail menu that’s creative, exotic, and constantly changing. Located right around the corner from Indian favorite Chai Pani and owned by the same restaurant group, MG Road takes cocktail hour on vacation! Its lounge boasts comfy seating and colorful sari pillows. The bar is colored by a wall full of all my favorite liquor bottles and clad in reclaimed wood. Stunning glassware, vibrant colors, and orchids just add to libations that are both gorgeous and exotically delicious. Check out the MG Road instagram page and ours too (follow us)

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Exotic Cocktails at MG Road 23

Every great cocktail needs a nibble to nosh on and MG Road has the best! Light, airy, jam packed with flavor, we inhaled these savory little puffs stuffed with a potato, chickpea noodle and cool yogurt combination. Sprinkled with herbs, they’re like a flavor party that bursts in your mouth. My eyes rolled back in my head, they were that good! Can’t wait to go back…

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Mon – Thu: 5:00pm – 12am (Food–9:30pm)
Fri & Sat: 5:00pm – 2am (Food–10:30pm)
Closed Sunday

19 Wall St, Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828-254-4363