Barstool Buying Guide

Barstools are the probably the most useful seat in the house! To add spunk, style, and character when choosing a great barstool, here's our top picks & Barstool Buying Guide.

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Let’s be frank, as pretty as our dining tables and kitchen tables are… everyone always lands at the kitchen counter. I even thought I wasn’t a “Barstool In The Kitchen Kinda Girl”…. um, that was a huge reality check! Whether I am or not, my kiddos are. It’s where all the breakfasts, homework, snacks, doodling, and “Tell Mama About Your Day” conversations happen.

Before you start shopping around, there are a few functionality questions to ask yourself. Knowing how you live and what you need makes the search less of a struggle.

Bartsool Buying Guide:

  1. Barstool vs Counterstool Height: (Read about How to Choose The Right Bar Stool Height from our friends at Wayfair)
  2. Should it Swivel: Do you need to be able to see the TV? Will kids go whirly twirly crazy if it swivels?
  3. Back or No Back: Do you want the stools to fully tuck under the counter or want to see the backs? Do you want the support of the back? Will kids sit better with a back?
  4. Seat Material: Do you anticipate spills and need a “Wipe Clean” seat material like wood or leather? Do you want a cushion or is raw wood or metal ok?
  5. Size: How much space do you have? Do the legs taper and take up more space than the seat? How many stools can you fit vs how many you need?

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